Aerospace Ambassadors Circle

The AAC is an essential function to SIG's advocacy within the aerospace industry. 

The AAC has representatives within each state or region (outside of the United States) with an aerospace market or interest. The Ambassadors report to the executive board. The function of the ambassador is centered on supporting aerospace engagement opportunities within their community with an executive board member or NSBE Research project lead. Engagement opportunities include conferences and outreach. Through this assignment, ambassadors have the opportunity to engage in development activities and function as an Aerospace leader within their communities. 

This is an opportunity to gain some transferable skills to work for those interested in growing or enhancing his or her skills in public speaking, product development, and negotiations within the Aerospace industry.

Aerospace Ambassador Circle (AAC) candidates are invited to apply throughout the calendar year: Application 

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Our Ambassadors 

Kojo Sarkodie

Arizona Ambassador

Kojo is a Systems Engineer at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. Kojo spends his free time as an aerospace advocate and lead ambassador for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Aerospace Special Interest Group. Kojo is a founding partner for the Zed Factor Fellowship Program which engages aspiring aerospace professionals from underrepresented backgrounds through practical hands-on experience, leadership training, and community outreach. Because of this mission, the Zed Factor Fellowship was awarded the Most Intriguing Newcomer in the Inaugural Forbes 2020 Science Awards.

Twitter/Instagram: @livingofmars

Obi Anyadiegwu

California Ambassador

Obinna “Obi” Anyadiegwu is a Project Engineer at the legendary Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. Obi spends his free time acting as a STEAM advocate and collaborating with organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers - Aerospace Special Interest Group, LA County / Antelope Valley High Schools, NASA Office of Stem Engagement and The Texas Space Grant Consortium. Using lessons learned from his own experiences as a student to facilitate more opportunities for students interested in Aerospace. Obi holds a B.E in Mechanical & Energy Engineering from The University of North Texas.

Joi Spraggins

Pennsylvania Ambasador

Joi C. Spraggins, Ph.D. is recognized as a legacy leadership expert in global diversity inclusion, leadership development, communications, STEM program administration, public policy analysis, and community engagement. She is the CEO of Legacy Bridges STEM Academy, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit NASA Legends and Trail Blazers STEM Institute.  

Dr. Joi® is her educational and motivational speaking services trademark name in the field of business leadership and communications. She inspires leaders to build their legacy, pathways, and footprints. She is a consultant, public speaker, trainer, author, and a frequent moderator/facilitator for national conferences and STEM Education Forums. She co-authored Mission Possible! Learn How To Reach Your Potential with Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy.  She is a former Vice President and Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission and served as the Economic Diversity & Inclusion Consultant for the development of the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center. Dr. Joi® is a member of the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation.  

Dr. Spraggins received her Doctoral Degree from the American Society of Christian Therapists and earned her Masters of Government Administration (MGA) from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels School of Government.  

Kayla Jordan

Utah Ambassador

Kayla Jordan is a native Detroiter and received both her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and MBA from Wayne State University. She currently works for L3Harris as a Systems Engineer, located in Salt Lake City, UT. She has held previous NSBE roles as the 2019-2020 National Public Relations Chair and the 45th Annual Convention Planning Committee's Marketing Chair. In her free time, Kayla is a co-host of SheTooSTEM, burgeoning hiker of the Utahn mountains and food lover.  

Kaila Wilson

Kansas Ambassador

Kaila Wilson is a passionate biological systems engineer who has served in a variety of  technical and non-technical leadership roles within the STEM industry.  These executive roles across industries and sectors include -- the former President for the Kansas City Professionals of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) & Regional College Initiative Chair, STEM Project Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club of America, and Chief of Staff for the NSBE Aerospace SIG. With her multidisciplinary background in biosystems, she has conducted research in the areas of cancer studies, biomaterial processing, biotechnology & biosensors, biofuels, interferomic satellite systems, and more.  She currently works as a full-time hybrid (frontend & backend) Systems Engineer within the healthcare industry and is a tech founder of BioStrandz (a hair science & biotechnology startup).  Through her involvement with NSBE and the Aerospace SIG, SEEK Resources, the "ComeUp Series" (youtube series focused on building the bridge between underserved communities & generational wealth) -- she serves the community through STEM outreach, financial literacy, personal & professional development for universities and fortune 500 companies. 

Marie-Jeane Steady

Africa Engineering Globalization Strategist

MJ hails from sunny Daytona Beach, a proud Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Go Eagles!). She started her career in aerospace at the Kennedy Space Center where she worked for United Space Alliance as an Industrial & Human Engineer (Ground Ops and Shuttle Support). As the Shuttle program phased out, MJ transitioned into R&D where her research focused Motion Capture, and Augmented Reality capabilities. She later joined Boeing’s Research & Technology group in Charleston, SC helping to build the new 787-10.

MJ is heavily involved in science outreach; she serves on several technical and STEM foundation boards. In 2018, she and her partners launched the Senegalese Alternative Learning Association (S.A.L.A), a STEAM advocacy group of her own, in her hometown, Dakar.

Previously, MJ served as the ARUSHA Cabin Structures team lead. In that capacity, she oversaw the design and construction of the mockup of a long-range pressurized vessel. Project ARUSHA is a conceptual design for a 48-person lunar presence with a primary facility at the lunar south pole and assorted facilities scattered across the lunar globe.

Caribbean  Engineering Globalization Strategist