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Our members have been engaged with the White House as industry collaborators supporting the National Space Council (NSpC) initiative to INSPIRE, PREPARE, and EMPLOY the future space workforce. NSBE Aerospace SIG has explicitly been asked to support the inspire, and prepare workforce initiatives. 

We (NSBE Aerospace SIG), in our support to the White House National Space Council, under Vice President Harris, are answering the call through year-round programming, especially during National Space Week, April 6 through 13!

Inspire Aerospace.....

 NSBE Aerospace SIG Inspire Aerospace Campaign 

During National Space Week, April 6 thru 13, we are encouraging everyone in NSBE, Collegiates, Professionals, and PCI-Jr.s, along with the general public, to participate in the "Find Your Place In Space" initiative. The purpose is to let everyone know that NASA and the aerospace industry need people with expertise and education in all majors, fields of studies, and skill sets to return mankind to the Moon and onto Mars.

Please take a moment during Space Week to participate in this national effort by posting on your social media about how your skills and education can apply to the space industry. How do you see yourself in the outer spacefaring future? hashtag: #NSBEAEROSPACE

We look forward to your participation on LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Instagram, and Facebook.

Be an example of our potential engagement in the industry!

To spark ideas on NSBE's impact to the space 🚀 industry, see this article by our NSBE leaders on thought leadership and innovation in space.

Prepare Aerospace.....

Defining Our Space Futures' Panel....

Investments in technology and science in the space industry continue to grow; the National Space Council is focusing on preparing the workforce for this new space market. Preparation requires engagement from various functions, including engineering, technologists, business leaders, and other professionals across multiple industries, including agriculture, healthcare, transportation, defense, telecom, tourism, manufacturing, real estate, and more. We must ask ourselves - how space will affect our businesses, research, jobs, or industries.

Join this panel of industry SMEs, leaders, explorers, engineers, and scientists to delve deep into defining our career pathways and industry priorities for this new space economy.

Reference Material:

-> FACT SHEET: Vice President Harris Announces Commitments to Inspire, Prepare, and Employ the Space Workforce | The White House

-> Engineering Pathways for Cross-Industry Thought Leadership and Innovation in Space

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