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In 2017, NSBE Aerospace SIG launched the Aerospace In Africa (AIA) Initiative building upon our East Africa Feasibility Research studies starting in 2010 with a mission to support the development of a Spaceport and education center in East Africa as a catalyst for Community Development in the space industry.

Since then, the AIA Initiative has had a significant impact


AIA initiative has fostered major collaborative efforts such as the CubeSat Initiative which was a direct response to a Call to Action from StartUp Africa. An NGO working to solve food scarcity in East Africa due to Locust infestation. 

Together with local actors, the Aerospace SIG worked to develop and implement creative solutions by leveraging Space Tech to track locust swarms’ patterns.


Everybody loves a good STEM kit! They often feature fun, innovative elements that help spark children’s curiosity and facilitate their learning. 

The Aerospace SIG will support its local partners to create adapted STEM kits for underprivileged school-aged children in Senegal by 

The Aerospace SIG seeks to deploy this initiative across Africa.

Our Partnerships and Collaborations.....


The Aerospace SIG supported Saly Air Show (Senegal 2019), which First International Airshow of its kind in West Africa!

Saly Airshow focused on 1) allowing middle, high, and college students to discover the field of aeronautics, and 2) gathering political leaders and African civil aviation authorities to foster the conversations necessary to establish a development strategy for West Africa.

OUTREACH via S.A.L.A (Senegalese Alternative Learning Association): SENEGAL 

Partnered with OBAP to support SALA, a non-profit founded by an Aerospace SIG member. 

SALA’s mission is to promote STEAM “Always, in All ways” by demystifying science and making them accessible to all. Aerospace SiG Members flew to Senegal for a week-long Aerospace Showcase and Roadshow

FLY WITH ME - Journeying with Leona Serao, the first African Woman to fly solo around the world: Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Aerospace SIG aims to provide access to the aerospace and defense industry through experiential learning, outreach, and developmental forums believe representation is key to inspiring individuals to enter the industry and excel. 

Leona Serao is a pilot planning a solo flight journey around the world. Serao will partner with the Aerospace SIG to host an interactive live Q&A session about her experience, an introduction to the basics of flight, along with a tour of the aircraft. 

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We aim to educate, engage, and inspire young students of African heritage to pursue careers in the aerospace industry by promoting the industry with “a familiar face”. 

When the youth thinks of aerospace, they often think of a particular race and a particular socio-economic background. This makes aviation seem like an unattainable field; we want to challenge that perception.  

Generation of an African Astronaut Analog: Kenya

Building upon NSBE Aerospace spaceport feasibility studies and space advancements, the aerospace has formed a strategic partnership THE FUTURES FORUM to increase access to space professionals, students, and enthusiasts across the continent by supporting the development of Space research opportunities for NSBE Chapters and Members across Africa 

Pre-college Aerospace Career Talks with NSBE Jr BLASS Chapter: Nigeria

Providing access to mentors globally is important to the growth of the Aerospace Industry globally. 

The Aerospace SIG has partnered with the Blended Learning and Study Center and the Blass NSBE Jr Chapter to encourage students in Nigeria to pursue careers in the aerospace industry through pre-college career talks and workshops virtually or in-person.

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