Technical Development Division

Fall Regional Conference

Annually, the SIG has a goal to support a least 1 FRC. At the FRC, the Aerospace SIG will host a workshop titled “How to use a ______________ degree in the Aerospace Industry!” We will work with the FRC planning committee to select the engineering function.  

Technical Professionals Conference

Annually, the SIG has a goal to host 3 events at Nationals or TPC. The events will focus on our Projects, Outreach, and Networking across the industry.

Aerospace Technology Session

Biennially, the SIG has a goal to conduct project research in person in partnership with a local NSBE chapter and university.

2021 ATS

Tech Talks

Regularly, the SIG will provide technical awareness through Tech Talks from membership, partners, or sponsors.

Tech Talks Initiative 

2022 AIAA-NSBE Forums

Regularly, the SIG will provide access to critical aerospace industry developmental tools, key leaders, case studies, research, and project overviews that promote career development and entry into the industry through virtual forums with from aerospace professionals and SIG partners. 

ATF 2020 (October)

ATF 2020 (March)

Aerospace Systems Conference

Biennially, the SIG will offer a conference that represents dynamic and broad technical contributions across the aerospace industry and the SIG members in parallel with the Professional Development Conference or PDC. During the off-years, the SIG will focus on connecting locally via signature events with Academia and Industry Mixers. 

Previous ASCs: 2023, 2022,  2018, 2020, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010

Local Collaborations

The SIG will actively meet with NSBE chapter presidents and affiliate organizations to understand if and how the Aerospace SIG can be integrated locally. 

Local Collaboration Sample - Embry Riddle University NSBE and Astronaut Talks with the Aerospace SIG