Aerospace SIG History

Enanga Daisy Fale and Dr. James Carter (The University of Texas at Dallas )

2014 Aerospace Systems Conference 

Linda Thomas (Awardee) with attendees of ASC 2016 and committee members, Catherine Thomas,  and Anthony Sanders

Space Exploration Alliance Legislative Blitz 

Partnerships Discussions

Space Technology Session - Research on  Space Exploration

The Aerospace SIG started in 2003 as the Space SIG within NSBE professionals with the mission to stimulate the active participation of the community, with a focus on the Black community, both within and beyond the engineering profession, in space-related activity.  

The SIG worked to institutionalize space technology within the Black community through its suite of engineering R&D projects. These technical projects were independent investigations of NSBE that seek to add to the technological knowledge and capacity of the United States. They further served as a medium for technical interchange among African American aerospace professionals and provide direct apprenticeship and outreach exposure opportunities for youth. 

In 2018, the SIG board evaluated the organization’s programming and engagement model against the core values and strategic priorities for optimal alignment with NSBE’s mission, corporate partners, and membership feedback. The assessment highlighted opportunities to refocus organizational engagement and development across the aerospace industry in addition to the space segment for our collegiate and professional members. 

This launched a brand expansion from Space SIG to Aerospace SIG.  See the About Aerospace SIG page for additional information on the vision, mission, core values, and strategic priorities.

Edward Joseph (Ed) Dwight Jr. , an African-American sculptor, author, and former test pilot, at the Aerospace Systems Conference with Arnold Baldwin

Dr. Robert Howard with Star trek Stars at the Aerospace Systems Conference

Executive Leadership History

August 2019 - August 2021 - Enanga Daisy Fale (Director) 

Deputy Director,  Russell Marzette Jr.  

Operations, Troy Statton

     Partnerships Director, Dr. Dexter Johnson

Research Division - Chief Technologist, Ernest Levert 

Advocacy Division - Chief of Staff, Kaila Wilson

Outreach Division - Director, Jacqueline Long

Development Division - vacant 

March 2017 - August 2018 - Rachael Hill (Director)

Deputy Director,  Enanga Daisy Fale (2017 - 2018, Acting Director 2018 - 2019)

Chief Technologist, Ernest Levert 

Partnerships Director, Dr. Dexter Johnson

Outreach Director, Jacqueline Long

Aerospace Systems Conference Chair, Russell Marzette Jr.

March 2004 - March 2017 - Dr. Robert Howard (Director, Founder) 

Chief Technologist, Dr. Obadiah Kegege (2014 -2016)

Proposals and Collaborations Director, Arnold Baldwin (2014 -2016)

Public Relations Director, CreShenda Tia Sands (2014 -2016)

2017 PDC with Aerospace SIG leaders and Former Astronaut Guion Bluford