Aerospace SIG Technical Focus Matrix

The Aerospace SIG Technical Focus Matrix represents the key areas that the Aerospace SIG  provides Technical Development, Technical Research, Advocacy, and Outreach programming, leadership, and guidance.

Aerospace Connectivity and Protection Solution

We need to connect and protect aerospace systems. This block focuses on solutions to connect and secure aerospace systems.

Space Applications

We need tools to manage space missions. This block focuses on critical developments in tools to improve space missions. 

Aerospace and Space Technology Development

We need to architect the next generation of Aerospace systems. This block focuses on conceptualizing and building future systems necessary to complete aerospace and space missions. 

Aviation Modernization and Evolution

We need to advance and globalize aviation technology. This block surveys industry trends for aircraft modernization and evolution to a new medium, such as and not limited to drones, aircraft miniaturization, etc. 

Dynamic Airspace

We need to manage more complex airspaces. This block explores how to manage airspace with increased access and experienced user diversity.

Air Safety

We need to understand and safeguard the design and development of engineering solutions impacting flight. This block explores how system safely evolves for flying systems. 

Aerospace Bio metrics

We need to protect and augment our vessels for aerospace missions. This block explores the required designs to sustain and maintain human life for aerospace missions. 

Aircraft Integration Challenges

We need to bring systems together for advanced missions. This block explores the challenges to advancing aircraft from an integration standpoint. 

Next-Generation Aerospace Materials

We need faster, lighter, and cleaner materials and processes to more effectively and efficiently complete aerospace missions. This block focuses on researching the critical materials and processes necessary for robust aerospace systems.

Breaking into the Aerospace Industry

We all have an opportunity to innovate. This block focuses both on industry entry as a professional and creating solutions to enter and excel in the industry. 

Immersive Data in Aerospace

We can understand our systems with data and high computing solutions. This block focuses on defining aerospace advances that leverage data and tech. 

Aerospace Design Challenges

We can learn by doing. This block focuses on defining and executing the critical design challenges, and allows college and K-12 educators to research necessary advances to aerospace education.