Aerospace In The Caribbean


When you think Aerospace, do you think Aviation, Space and everything that supports them, including the human factors? 

There is so much to Aerospace.  From airplanes to rocket ships, pilots to engineers, airports, helipads and spaceports, drones to missiles.  From the people that greet you at an airport to those whose research make communication possible and the countless other technologies that make our world a better place.  Aerospace is a place where you can take your ideas to greater heights.

If you want a better way of thinking about it...get in a clear and safe area, close your eyes, take a leap of faith (i.e. jump as high as you can ) and just like that, you're in Aerospace.

More than the physical act, careers in Aerospace take-off with a little exposure, a little inspiration, a little imagination mixed together with preparation and time.

We've always known that the Caribbean is home to many of the world's top talent and smartest minds.  Aerospace in the Caribbean aims to Expose and Inspire generations toward careers in Aerospace.

We've already emerged from the starting blocks with activities in Jamaica and Trinidad and will continue building,  engaging and positively impacting our communities.

We invite you on the journey with us.

As always, “In Aerospace, the sky is not the limit, it's a better view.”

Ready to roll up your sleeves to "Expose and Inspire" generations? 

Your leap starts with the "Get Involved" button below, give it a click.

One Caribbean, stronger together...One love.

Jay Shaw



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Special Thanks

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

University of South Florida, USA

AirLink Express, Jamaica

Aeronautical School of the West Indies, Jamaica

Briko Air Services Limited, Trinidad

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