Aerospace SIG Leadership

We are a strategic function of NSBE helping to enable members and partners in Transforming the Aerospace Industry through Research, Professional Development, Outreach, and Advocacy !

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Org Chart Role Overview

  • Aerospace SIG Advisory Board: Industry leadership responsible for providing guidance to SIG's strategic plan and acts as the auditor of plan adherence
  • Aerospace SIG Director: Individual responsible for daily SIG operations and aligning the SIG efforts to the strategic plan, industry needs, and NSBE's goals
  • Aerospace Chief of Operations (A-COO): Individual responsible for assisting the director with SIG human resources and operational procedures for recruiting , Board-Member Relations, Volunteer Benefits Validation, SIG Compliance, and SIG Leader Training and Development.
  • Aerospace Financial Coordinator: Individual responsible for managing the SIG budget and preparing the team to align with NSBE's financial process
  • Aerospace Deputy Director: Individual responsible for managing the communication division and conference planning, and serving as assistant to the director,
    • Aerospace Communications Manager: Individual responsible for gathering and posting SIG news to social media and email
    • Aerospace Professional Development Conference Manager: Individual responsible for managing NSBE conference engagement strategy and communications, along with bi-annually leading the Aerospace Systems Conference Committee or Chair and the Aerospace Technology Session Committee or Chair
  • Aerospace Chief Technology Officer (A-CTO): Individual responsible for management the technical research road map for the SIG, coaching technical research teams, and instilling systems engineering / program management methodologies for project operation
    • Assistant Chief Technology Offices: Individual responsible for serving as assistant to the A-CTO
    • Aerospace Technical Directors: Individuals responsible for leading the Aerospace Research Projects of NSBE defined by the Aerospace Chief Technology Officer
    • Researchers: Individuals responsible for working on the Project teams and supporting presentations
  • Aerospace Chief of Staff (A-COS): Individual responsible for managing the ambassadors circle and providing an aerospace public policy engagement forum
    • Aerospace Ambassadors: Individuals responsible for driving local relationships and awareness programming with their defined state or country, along with supporting Aerospace Industry Advocacy Days
    • Aerospace Membership Manager: Individual responsible for pinpointing opportunities to highlight members' value , membership retention (on-boarding), pinpointing aerospace industry events
  • Aerospace Partnerships and Collaborations Manager: Individual responsible for pinpointing technical and diversity enriching partnerships with other aerospace organizations
    • Tech Talk Coordinator: Individual responsible for selecting and managing tech talks
  • JEDI Outreach Manager: Individual responsible for defining and executing K-12 and Collegiate aerospace outreach opportunities
    • K-12 Coordinator: Supports the JEDI Outreach Manager in defining and executing K-12 opportunities with an emphasis to connect with local NSBE chapters and its organizational affiliates
    • Collegiate Programs Coordinator: Supports the JEDI Outreach Manager in defining and executing senior design research or independent study opportunities for faculty and students
  • Aerospace SIG Intern