Types of Satellites, Spaceport Facility Requirements, and their Economic Benefit to the East African Community


Authors:           August 2018

Timothy Bernard

Kevin Dillon 

Enanga Daisy Fale

Gael Gatera

Osarodion Ogbebor-Evans

Khambrel Simpson

Timothy Bernard


This paper is the fourth installment of our research investigation in support of the National Society of Black Engineers East Africa Spaceport Feasibility Study.

The primary focus of this paper is to compile an assessment of current satellites, space launch vehicles, and spaceport facilities that are in operation to better design the East

African Spaceport for state of the art capabilities that the countries in Africa, as well as other global, entities, will benefit from while having a burning desire to use. It identifies the major spaceport facilities in the United States that have conducted at least one launch within the last quarter as more infrequently used spaceport facilities are an economic burden and not sustainable. This includes understanding what facilities are needed to operate a successful launch and

reentry retrieval as well as their physical site layout.

Additionally, this paper identifies the capacity and benefits of different types of launch vehicles and satellites that are currently in use and those with a future application.

Keywords: Africa, spaceport, launch facility, rocket, satellite, launch vehicle.