An Assessment of African Economic Stakeholders Who Could Benefit from an East African Spaceport


Authors:                         2017

Kevin Dillon 

Enanga Daisy Fale

Gael Gatera


This paper is a preliminary research investigation in support of the National Society of Black Engineers East Africa Spaceport Feasibility Study. The primary focus of this paper is to compile an assessment of current African economic stakeholders that may benefit from such a spaceport. It identifies African natural resources or industries with markets related to space activity or companies directly engaged in the development of space-related hardware, software, or other products. Also discussed are African governments with existing space programs, aspirations for future programs, or declared interests in one or more space enterprises. Further, African grass-roots space activity is identified, including entrepreneurial ventures, university research, and independent or nonprofit activity. It also describes potential new African economic stakeholders necessary to increase the value of an East African spaceport. This includes an assessment of future African launch vehicle providers and evaluation of transportation architectures between sites of manufacture and potential East African launch sites. It also proposes cost-saving transportation architectures between non-African launch vehicle providers and potential East African launch sites. Finally, it identifies potential African partners in human spaceflight, including potential African international partners, space tourism markets, and opportunities for virtual involvement or engagement of non-flying African citizens.

Keywords: Africa, spaceport, launch facility, rocket.