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From the comments and responses, this was another successful mission.  We are truly humbled and grateful as the number of repeat attendees continues to grow.   

Our next Forum is being planned for October 2023, exact details to come...see you then.

Opening Remarks

We just can't say enough about our goal to “Expose and Inspire” our generations towards careers in Aerospace.

First, for the honorable mentions, thanks to all who participated and especially those who took the time to provide comments and suggestions by completing our survey.

For this forum, we will again shed light into "what is there to do in Aerospace?"  We will offer a new set of panelists in different roles within Aerospace in and from the Caribbean...just like you.  When we hear "Aerospace," we often think of Aviation i.e. Pilots and Flight Attendants, but there is so much more.  Take a peak at this line-up.

The forum will again be a virtual STEM outreach event that targets 13 - 19-year-olds, but we're hearing from all age groups rekindling their interest in Aerospace.  Remember to also keep in mind that, for the target audience, STEM contents could result in prizes.

As Always, “In Aerospace, the sky is not the limit, it's a better view.”

Meet our Panelists

Driving Aerospace Exposure and Inspiration across the Caribbean

Richard Tait

Course Developer

Richard Tait is a life-long aviation enthusiast and 24 year aviation professional.

Aviation started coursing through his veins at the age of 7 and he set his sights on becoming a pilot but as he says it, "Life sometimes takes us on different paths."   

After completing Port Antonio’s Titchfield High in Port Antonio, Jamaica, aviation by all means necessary coupled with a passion for learning, for him, meant no matter what.  After various attempts, he eventually entered aviation as an air traffic control trainee which took him to Montego Bay’s Donald Sangster International Airport and after achieving his accomplishments he headed back to Kingston for more credentials and training. 

He eventually left Jamaica and added to his oversees acommplishments positions including air traffic controller, spaceport specialist, and airport operations officer.  

Returning to Jamaica, with a weath of knowledge, he decided to take a position as a Course Developer at the CAA Training Institute (CAATI).

There is so much more to Richard's story, but in addition to him saying "Life sometimes takes us on different paths" he'll add "you can do it too."

Due to unforseen circumstances, Richard will be reconsidered for a future forum.  Thank you Richard.

Rowon Wint

Communications Engineer

Rowan is all about communications and had no idea Aerospace was on his horizon.     

Born and raised Jamaican, he started out his journey in mobile technology maintaining Transmission Networks.  Armed with degrees from University of Technology, Jamaica in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, a Class B Technician license as well as  Bachelors in Netwworking and Cyber Security, little did he know he was on a collision path with Aerospace.

After getting into Information Technology (IT) in various roles including Network Technician, Field Service Engineering, he made a small step into aviation when he took a post maintaining air traffic equipment for various clients.  One opportunity to the next, Rowan is now an Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel.

"I had no idea I would end up in this field," life does have a way of working out.  Prepare yourself, be good at what you do and the opportunities will come. 

Renee Morgan

Airport Operations

Renee started out at Wolmers Girls High School for Girls in Kingston, Jamaica.  With hard work and determination, she earned subjects (1s) in Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Geography, Spanish, Art, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Programming (C++) .

Aviation took root in High school at Nassau Boces in Westbury, NY and she began flight training at age 16.  After earning her private pilot and instrument licenses, she furthered her desires by subsequently attending Florida Institute of Technology's (FIT) College of Aeronautics.

Renee made the most of her opportunities by engaging in various competitions and research projects.  With Jamaica on her mind she interned at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica as an Aviation Meteorologist.  She eventually took her skill to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) where she was Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Aviation Meteorology.

Her passion for learning has provided opportunities in many capacities in Aviation including Crash Investigations, Aviation Safety Systems, Airport Operations (Ramp Control, Scheduling, Bag Transfer and Deicing), Inspections just to name a few.

Her story is truly inspirational, and you'd be surprised to hear what hard work, determination, "blood sweat and tears" has taken her through.  She is another shining example of be good at what you do and never give up.

Ready to roll up your sleeves to "Expose and Inspire" generations? 

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One Caribbean, stronger love.

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